Sunday, February 09, 2014

at sea and Shag Rock

From the Falklands it was then two days at sea, the first day at full pelt, the second on one engine to time our arrival for the following morning.  By now day of the week had gone and I was keeping track of time by the date only.

I spent a lot of time around the lectures on deck, when they weren't closed for safety reasons but the passage was again remarkably smooth.  So smooth at times there were no birds to be seen.

We were joined for a while though by a Wandering Albatross:

I will never tire of seeing Albatrosses in flight, majestic creatures.

This looks to be a young adult though I cannot say of which species of Wanderer:

White-chinned Petrel, pretty much a silhouette apart from the bill:

On the second day with the decks closed because of heavier winds and seas, we approached Shag Rock:

The Captain decided to open the decks but not to approach too closely, so it was a flying visit.   We did however get to Snow Petrel, an ice specialist bird:

As well as a number of close approaches from the South Georgia Shags:

It was a brief but exhilarating passage then back indoors while the ship shut-up shop for the remainder of our trip to South Georgia.

Just before dinner time I was approached by the Officer of the Hotel section, inviting me to join the Ice Captain for dinner.  I had a little panic as I'd not brought anything smart but I was assured that I didn't need to worry about that.  At the appointed time we met in the reception area of the ship (by the GPS tracking screen) and then went up to dinner.  The food was good, the free wine was excellent, possibly the best I enjoyed onboard, and the conversation was fascinating.  His eight months on a vessel frozen-in for Winter was a particular highlight.  Our dinner went on much later than usual and on my way down to the cabin it was hard to tell what was swaying more, me or the boat.  Happy days!


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