Sunday, January 05, 2014

Gulls and packing

Helen and I attended a Gull ID course with Martin Elliott at Stanwick Lakes on January 2nd.  He's developed an age based approach to identification which really makes sense, though it does take some time to overcome a field-guide based approach to identification.  We found the time really valuable and the practical bit at the end of the day added a new life species, the Caspian Gull.

It's also taught us how little we know but at the same time how much we have learned already :)

I'm planning on putting some of this new knowledge to use on an upcoming trip I am taking to Antarctica, via Argentina, The Falkland Islands and South Georgia.  

Given the isolation there wont be any updates until I've returned and given the weight limits for packing I'll be starting all the processing when i get back to the UK.

Really quite excited though!


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