Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Antarctica - Cuverville Island and passage

Another early start for me so I went topside to watch the passage of the boat toward the anchorage at Cuverville Island (no one rushes in Antarctica - this was the third anniversary of the sister the ship to the one we were on sinking in Antarctica).  

We saw our first Southern Fulmars in the gloom:

And enjoyed the deep blue in the icebergs we sailed past:

Cuverville Island is a Gentoo Penguin colony, when we landed it was snowing and it stayed snowing on and off, though without a breath of wind:

I finally captured an image I really wanted, a pair of Gentoo Penguins displaying, I think the snow adds atmosphere:

The chicks call for food regardless of the weather conditions:

And the Brown Skua is ever present, this one was eating seaweed:

From the shore the stranded icebergs showed some amazing shapes and patterns:

We headed out on a slow passage to Neko Harbour, our next landing spot and the intended location for the campers to stay overnight.  

The low cloud and lack of wind made for an eerie trip, it was just so still and quiet:

And we maneuvered past lots of sea ice, large and huge:

This image reminds me of an eye of a swan at rest:

And here a diver (family of bird):

We approached Neko Harbour.


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