Sunday, June 29, 2014

USA 2014 - Zion Canyon

Parking in the dark and finding your way to the bus is tricky so I was glad I'd packed a little torch for the trip, and we did find our way to the bus stop with a few others for the first bus into the park (during the summer months the majority of the canyon proper is closed to all but these buses to avoid it completely jamming up).

We got off at the third stop as the light of day was breaking:

And then climbed up the emerald pools trail, which was pleasant enough.  The light changed as the day grew:

We stood briefly under a waterfall from the canyon wall, which creates and feeds rock pools:

And then headed back down towards the canyon floor and along the trail towards bus stop four, The Grotto. 

Along the way we saw Juniper Jay and Juniper Titmouse, both life species, this being the latter:

It was still early though and little light about so the images are poor quality. The trail is quite precipitous in places, so I was pleased/relieved to finish it and get down to the canyon floor again, before hopping on the next bus to go one stop further in, to Weeping Rock.

Here we alighted and then having completed the short trail and returned, decided to walk along the river bank.  As this was an unmarked trail we were the only people on it, the views were great:

And shared with a number of birds including this Ash-throated Flycatcher:

This is a view of the river in the canyon:

You get a better perspective I believe from the very lowest level of the canyon:

As usual the landscape and scenery is spectacular:

By lunchtime we had seen all we wanted to see so headed back out to Springdale to one of the many cafes that are only open for lunch (!?) and then enjoyed an early evening meal at the Thai restaurant, which was fantastic, before turning in.


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