Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Puerto Rico - Saturday 17th September, Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

We finally made it to Cabo Rojo Lighthouse after more car trauma so were stressed but also looking forward to the birding.

En route we'd had to navigate through a large political rally by what appeared to be the local Senator. Cue Latin music, lots of cars and security.

We didn't really know what to expect of Cabo Rojo. I parked the car on the road to avoid the rough surface of the park drive and we walked in.

Along the roadside are a series of shallow lagoons, all of which had waders in them. There was one flock in particular of Western Sandpipers:

Accompanied by one much taller bird, a Stilt Sandpiper:

The 'peeps' were very accommodating, allowing me to get really quite close while they fed:

Further along the trail is surrounded by shrubbery, in which we encountered the most colourful bird of the trip. The imported (from Venezuela) but now very established Troupial:

We followed the bird as it moved from the bushes to cacti to continue feeding:

We approached the lighthouse, which is on a headland in the extreme south-east of the island:

We were rewarded with good views of the coastline:

and back towards the mainland:

Helen got her revenge from the morning by photographing a very sweaty Michael while looking for further bird species from the top of the main building of the lighthouse:

A last bird on the way back to La Parguera, the Ring-necked Turtle Dove:

Back at the hotel we made full use of the bar facilities while reviewing the birding thus far, after a tremendously satisfying day.



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