Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Puerto Rico - Wednesday 14th September

Wednesday started dry but very early, the conference started at 7am so with no time to hang around I headed straight there. There were breaks from the exhibition during the main conference sessions, and when these coincided with the absence of thunderstorms and heavy rain, I took my new small camera outside. I quickly regretted not bringing the main camera for the day.

This is a Solitary Sandpiper, a new species for our list:

This was absolutely the best view I had of Red-legged Thrush but with the small camera it was an opportunity wasted, hey ho:

On the rocks along the seashore a lot of crabs were gathered close to an outlet, this being one of them:

The rocks look to be part of an old walkway to the old fort:

Here you can see the next thunderstorm approach from behind the fort:

The combination of rain and work ensured this was a quiet day for photography. I did however get to enthuse some of my fellow exhibitors for the local birding opportunities.



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