Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Puerto Rico - Saturday 17th September, the approach to Cartagena Lagoon

From Guanica we decided to head next to Cartagena Lagoon. We got thoroughly lost before finding the road by chance, having given up and in fact decided to head to Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.

So having found the road we turned off and followed it. The road however was blocked by a large truck and a lot of parked cars... so we turned around again and headed back. We weren't going to get to Cartagena Lagoon. We did however take advantage of the relatively quiet road to jump out of the car and photograph some birds we passed, including a perched American Kestrel:

A singing Bananaquit (these birds really are everywhere in Puerto Rico, the most ubiquitous species by far!):

A Grey Kingbird:

And a new species, the Smooth-billed Ani:

You can see on this bird quite what a bill they have:

We passed the 'industrial bay' at the head of the road and headed on to Cabo Rojo...



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