Saturday, December 05, 2009

Kenya - Sunday morning at Sweetwater, part 2

Then perched on its, own a female Black-cuckoo Shrike:

A female Bronze Sunbird:

A pair of Pied Crows used the watering hole and then settled up a tree to dry off, I picked out one here:

Before we headed off, Helen posed by the Equator sign, well we are tourists aren’t we? :)

As well as the many species of birds we also enjoyed watching the White Rhinoceros present in the sanctuary:

A Sacred Ibis was walking around very close to the entrance of our tent:

We were quite sad to be checking out from Sweetwater so soon, the place is amazing, the staff very gracious and helpful and overall it’s somewhere I’d recommend staying for a couple of days as a birder, less than 24 hours doesn’t do it justice, still a fantastic experience. Next we were off to the Mountain Lodge in the Kenya Mountain National Park, which apart from the road to the hotel is off limits to all vehicles.

Even whilst loading the car we spotted another bird, a Scarlet-chested Sunbird:

And a lone Golden-winged Sunbird (we think!):

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