Monday, November 30, 2009

Kenya - Saturday afternoon Game Drive, the kill

The next sighting of our first game drive was very exciting, being three male Cheetahs eating a freshly killed adult Zebra, attended by several Black-backed Jackals:

They rolled the carcass over:

While keeping watch on potential competitors or food thieves:

I took some film of the three male Cheetahs eating:

The Black-backed Jackals kept nudging closer to both observe and try to steal some of the kill:

Peter was as excited as we were, having not seen anything like this at Sweetwater. He spent a long time on the radio calling in other vehicles. Whilst we were watching the cheetahs, one jackal managed to sneak in and take some discarded skin:

You can see here one Cheetah got a little annoyed with the company:

Having guided three other groups onto the scene of the kill (this took some time, as not being used to going outside of the normal triangle everyone kept getting lost on their way to meet-up), and with the light now fading fast, we turned and headed for camp. On the way we got another first for us; some White-bellied Bustards, the image is blurry as it was taken in very low light:

Another first sighting, though by now the light was getting really hard to work with, was a Tawny Eagle. Another bird we did see but didn’t get to photograph though we did confirm the ID was a Northern Anteater Chat. We'd been at Sweetwater for a little over four hours by the time we got back to the camp. Whew!

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