Saturday, October 03, 2009

Niagara Falls - long weekend, Saturday part 2

my apologies for the break in the post - you may have noticed the software appears to be getting less reliable in spacing of post content - I ended up having to split this post:

As well as the swans at least ten Bald Eagles were present. We were relatively closely overflown by this youngster:

We decided, before finishing at Montezuma to head back to the visitor centre, which is no mean feat as you have to travel around ten miles on various back roads to relocate it. We were glad we did. The bird in the middle of this snap appears to be a version of the 'Blue Goose' morph of the Snow Goose:

You can see here a limited view of the pond, which by now was heaving with resting geese:

We did then head to Braddock Bay but it was both hard to find and when we finally did locate it, pointless. The wind was building up and the bad weather rolling in but none-the-less was still deserted, I suspect it's a spring only location. From there it was time to head back to the hotel in Niagara with time to stop and buy food, at which point the first storm duly descended and I got soaked on the short run back to the car!

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