Friday, September 04, 2009

unusual garden sightings

We regularly get three individual foxes patrolling through the garden during the night, taking away any cat kills or careless birds that have fallen out of nests, for example. Unusually however one was sat under the seed feeder this morning, just after dawn, hence the poor light, licking up the dropped seeds, he stayed there for a good ten minutes or so before the increasing number of dog walkers out the back set him off for home:

Another unusual wildlife encounter and another regular visitor, is this tail-less Magpie:

It's one of this years' youngsters. When it first fledged the other Magpies used to chase it around pecking at its' backside, grabbing and pulling the tail feathers, suggesting there was a problem such as an infection or break. The bird was also incontinent and used to feed and defecate at the same time. The bird looks much stronger now but still doesn't associate readily with other Magpies so I guess somewhat of an outcast.

The last picture is one in an occasional series of unfiltered pictures taken out back over the fields, this time with dark clouds and sunlight creating a monochromatic feel in the picture:

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