Friday, October 02, 2009

Niagara Falls - the working week

It's not every day/week/month/year/decade you need to travel to Niagara Falls for work. I suggest it's even less frequent that having been required to be there you get the time to go have a peek.... not being one to miss such an opportunity, I wandered from my hotel, The Holiday Inn, towards the Niagara Falls State Park. About three minutes later I was watching these rapids as the water descends towards the falls:

Even with the rushing water, from a bridge over the rapids you can see both Ring-necked Gulls and Herring Gulls mooching about on various perches:

Here's a short film of the rapids:

Followed by a short film of the gulls:

The light was great, this being a rare rain free day and in the last ninety-minutes of sunlight, here you can see the more built up Canadian side from across the rapids:

A little earlier Helen had continued the occasional 'out of the back window' series of snaps, showing more stunning colours in our local night sky:

Last but not least, on the American side of the falls you can stand really rather close to the falls themselves, as this short film shows:

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