Saturday, December 05, 2009

Kenya - Monday, Island Camp, Lake Baringo, part 2

A Northern Crombec, tiny tail-less birds that chatter their way through the trees:

We arrived promptly for our tea at 4pm which, in the heat, was very welcome. As we drank our tea and ate the flapjacks, we were serenade by a pair of Spotted Morning Thrushes, a delightful experience:

A male Eastern Violet-backed Sunbird:

A scruffy looking White-bellied Canary came to see what we were eating:

While we were taking tea we were surprised to hear a dog barking. Then we looked up. A pair of Hemprich’s Hornbills! We were both surprised to see these birds and to see them so close. This is the male, distinguished by the red on the lower mandible:

And by contrast, the female:

These are both full-size images (the originals are over 20mb per picture), so worth a click...

I put some flapjack on the ground, which was popular with the Hornbills:

And on the wall which was popular with the Weavers and Sparrow-Weavers alike:

Out on the lake you can see Gibraltar Rock, the islanders use this small Island to graze cattle and goats:

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