Monday, February 02, 2009

cold snap

(Monday) We have some strange trees in the garden today. First a blurry 'Blackbird Tree':

A new variation on an apple tree, that is the 'Collared Dove' tree:

And finally a 'House Sparrow tree':

Spot the Song Thrush. We've also recorded record numbers of some species - four Robins at one point with three of them together in the same bush, over twenty Blackbirds, eighteen Collared Doves, five Reed Buntings, as well as approximately fifty each of Goldfinch, House Sparrow and Starling. We've also had twelve Wood Pigeons, twelve Chaffinches and five Greenfinch though this winter we've not seen either Siskin (2007-2008) or Brambling (2006-2007) in the garden. The local larder is in full-swing too, I'm having to refill the feeders twice a day at the moment to help them all through this cold snap, it's costing a fortune!

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