Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bird ID's

My thanks to Mark Wilson, Ken Earnshaw and John Showers for their help in identifying the two mystery birds from the US trip they were (a) a Yellow-rumped 'Myrtle' Warbler and (b) Palm Warblers - thank you. For the Indian ID's, my thanks to Jijo and Bob Bullock, the mystery birds have been identified (or not!) as follows:

1) Minivet, juvenile, species not identified (per Bob Bullock)


3) Magpie Robin, female (per Bob Bullock)

4) Not used

5) Brown Shrike (per Bob Bullock)


7) Leaf Warbler, specific race not identified (per Bob Bullock)

8) Prinia, species not identified (per Bob Bullock)

9) Whiskered Tern (per Bob Bullock)

10) Bulbul, species not identified (per Bob Bullock)

We've not had time to get any birding in this weekend as we had to get work done in the garden before the new fruit trees and berry bushes sprout otherwise moving them to their positions will set them back. Still means more food for the birds in the late summer and autumns ahead :)

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