Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Some butterfies, dragonflies and flowers from India

We possess neither a butterfly guide nor a dragonfly guide for the subcontinent but saw loads of them. In respect of butterflies, Dewalokam would be the best spot overall of the places we stayed for the avid Lepidopterist. First a swallowtail of somesort:

This one stands out due both to colour and the size of the butterfly:

Finally a smaller less distinctively coloured one:

As well as these there were many others we didn’t photograph from black and blue ones bigger than a small bird to white or brown ones the size of a 10p piece, and with a huge variety in between.

For Dragonflies I believe Kumarakom had a wider variety, though at Dewalokam one emerald dragonfly in particular was stunning to look at but unfortunately we were mid river fording so the camera was tucked away. A red one:

A yellow and black-one (i'm offending someone here..):

Lastly the flowers. Someone politely described this as looking like a 'sea shell':

A waterlily stretches for the sunlight:

And for the finale:

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