Sunday, March 11, 2018

Proper Winter

According to our neighbours it's been the hardest winter here in Scotland for sometime.   2010 was a toughie, but it snowed harder and longer in January and February than anyone can remember.  That and the flu we both caught somewhat limited our getting out and about.   We've managed a few bits here and there though including a walk along the shore on the North side of the Forth at Culross on a sunny day:

In the distance the refinery at Grangemouth (we drove home from Edinburgh one evening recently with low lying cloud and the motorway was lit orange from the flame-offs and everything smelt of sulphur, it was a relief to be past it).

Then came the beast from the East and 18 inches of lying snow with drifts half as much again:

Having joined a community dig-out we watched the snow start to melt away in the heavy rain that followed.  I picked a brief window of sunshine to drive out and head to Glencoe, dodging rain showers on the way.   Although the bulk of the snow had gone it was still a magnificent sight both on the way:

and on arrival:

The weather soon caught up with me so i turned round and headed back, getting home again before lunch, that's how close one of the most spectacular natural landscapes is to us now.   Spring is coming and it's time to get fit and get out exploring again...


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