Monday, June 26, 2017


Well Sister-in-law in fact but the one that lives in America, came to visit with her family for a week during which we were joined by another Sister-in-law and our household of two swelled to seven!

We decided to fill their week with all things Scottish so as well as feeding them kippers and veggie haggis we took them on a whirlwind tour including, the Kelpies:

The Falkirk Wheel, resplendent in reflected light:

This is the view along the canal to the wheel, the water looks to be suspended in mid-air:

The next day we took in Edinburgh including visiting the Botanic Garden:

The Royal Mile, the Scott Memorial, lunch in the shadow of Arthur's seat.  It was a thoroughly good mooch.

The next day was the one long walk we were allowed, we picked Ben Lomond, here a view from halfway up, taking in the Northern end of Loch Lomond:

This is a view to the East:

It's a fantastic walk and they all completed the ascent.  

After three days of burning sunshine the rain came in, we waited until it was light enough then headed up to visit Stirling Castle:

Another grey day saw us visiting Tantallon Castle and then New Berwick: 

For our last full day together we chose New Lanark which is a remarkable site even on the third visit in less than 12 months, we know we'll be going back again a few more times, for sure.   This is the upper falls:

We headed home albeit via Alloa and the sculptures on the roundabouts and finally the mysterious Pineapple building as the sun broke through the clouds again: 

It was a whirlwind of a visit and one we thoroughly enjoyed.  Shame it was over so quickly...


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