Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Lewis and Harris - Butt of Lewis and Callanish Standing Stones

The next day, Saturday wasn't forecast to be as nice so we wrapped up and headed out towards the very North of the Island, passing more fantastic scenery on the way:

We had planned a six mile circular walk from Europie beach via the Butt of Lewis lighthouse and beyond and then back to the beach:

I was hoping to see the famous Machair but alas we were too early, we did see lots of the familiar Thrift and even saw Painted Lady migrant butterflies on these plants as we walked around.

The heat however was proving uncomfortable for the resident Ravens:

We reach the lighthouse on the Butt:

There's some interesting stuff around and the cliffs aren't too high:

We finished the walk in gathering fog, our earlier investment in a GPS device proving it's worth when finding the car, and headed on down the West coast of Lewis to our next planned stop, the standing stones at Callanish.

The site is free to visit but does have an exhibition and a cafe. The latter was doing a roaring trade and we can recommend the food and indeed the coffee.

The stones were very popular, it took me some time to capture them without people in the shot.   There were half a dozen people in the stones, i just worked the angles to have them all be hidden by the stones themselves:

Having visited the stones we carried on South stopping to explore the third set of standing stones.

While walking up to the stones we met a young Highland cow heading towards us, it passed through the stones:

And carried on towards us:

Fascinating animals!  With the day moving on we headed back to Stornoway.


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