Thursday, May 02, 2013

C.A.T.I.E. again

Having had a wash out on our first trip to CATIE and, in particular, wanting a picture of a Boat-billed Heron we decided to visit CATIE again.

Overhead a Short-tailed Hawk:

Sat on electricity wires, a very vocal Roadside Hawk:

another on a telegraph pole:

Back at the fruiting tree we found a Baltimore Oriole:

A Thick-billed Seedeater moved under a screen to forage amongst the plant pots:

In the grasses, a Yellow-faced Grassquit:

Perched atop a tree aViolaceous Trogon, female:

Tropical Kingbird:

Another tree hosted a Yellow-green Vireo:

At the pond we did indeed get close to Boat-billed Heron:

Another Cattle Egret:

Northern Jacana:

Ruddy Ground-Dove on the ground close to the pond:

And the national bird, Clay-coloured Robin singing:

Male Grackles have splendid plumage and this male Great-tailed Grackle was no exception:

Back at Rancho after lunch more relaxed birding, watching Gray-headed Chachalaca:

The banana stealing squirrel was back too:

As it was our last afternoon we visited the Common Potoo again, here with its eyes closed - it was much harder to locate:

And a rather tattered owl butterfly of some-sort put in an appearance 

We enjoyed our last dinner, being the only guests that last night we had our pick, and then got an early night ahead of our planned Volcano trip in the morning, on the way back to the airport.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic images Michael, brings back happy memories. Thanks for sharing.

6:29 pm  
Blogger David said...

Great photos!

Just curious, are you sure that's a Yellow-Green Vireo? The yellowish supercilium, pale cap, dark eye and lack a dark line bordering the cap seem off.

I've little experience with tropical birds, but it seems like it could be a Tennessee Warbler (or maybe something completely different down there).


10:13 pm  
Blogger Michael said...


Good spot, thank you and yes I agree with you, will amend my records accordingly.


7:41 am  

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