Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Texas - San Bernard and Aransas - Sunday 29 May 2011

From Brazos Bend we headed down to the coast with two planned stops on the way to our next hotel booking in Rockport. The first place we stopped was San Bernard NWR, where we were again buzzed by loads of mosquitoes. We didn't encounter many birds here but did pick up a new species for the holiday, Carolina Wren:

From San Bernard we headed further South to Aransas, which proved a more productive spot. We added a new species, Least Grebe, seen here in context with the very large water plants:

and closer:

Around the visitor centre another new species, Great Kiskadee:

more wild flowers:

Another flycatcher, this time a Brown-capped Flycatcher:

The butterfly must have had a huge proboscis to deal with this flower:

More non-bird wildlife, Helen spotted this huge bullfrog.

Whilst we enjoyed Aransas, Brazos Bend was clearly the highlight of the day. We drove to Rockport and our most expensive but actually least featured hotel lay ahead of us. Rockport is a 'play' kind of beach resort, all boats and water bikes, with people zooming around, so we had a pizza delivered and ate in!

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