Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Big Freeze

It's so cold out there and so persistent, I'm worried as to how many of our feathered friends will be around come Spring.

On the plus side, in their increasing search for food, we did have a new species in the garden today, a Fieldfare, eating some fresh apple and pear we put out for the birds:

We've not been hit as hard as some other places in the UK, I have one colleague who has half a metre of standing snow where he lives, relatives who had a foot of snow in a single night, etc. The view out the back was stunning as the sun headed towards setting:

To help the birds cope we've redoubled our feeding efforts and invested in more seed and nuts to help see them through. We've had weather casualties though with a few frozen birds being picked-up first thing in the morning. Fingers crossed for a thaw soon...

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