Sunday, December 06, 2009

Kenya - Thursday, Lake Nakuru, mid-Morning wander

Straight after breakfast we decided to head out for another walk around the camp, although by this time I was struggling having taken both and anti-histamine and a decongestant the previous night to try and deal with my reaction to breathing in so much of the dry lake bottom.

Outside our room door, a male Rufous Sparrow was searching for food:

This Sunbird is a mystery. It has a green throat but is mostly black apart from that, it also has a long tail, and according to our field guide, it doesn’t exist. Any suggestions or input welcome please, thank you:

Also outside our room, a punk looking woodpecker, the male (possibly teenage?) Cardinal Woodpecker:

An African Black-headed Oriole flew to a tree overlooking us and had a good stare:

In another tree (lots of them about) an African Thrush, distinguished from the Olive Thrush by the lesser amount of orange on either side of the breast and a yellow bill:

We heard this next bird first, then it joined a small group and all four of them chatted and cackled together, zooming around, before settling. This one then came and had a look at us. Their behaviour put us in mind of the Babblers of India. Sure enough this is an Arrow-marked Babbler:

Next another spotted form Yellow-breasted Apalis:

Next another weird looking (to a Brit) little bird, a Bronze Mannikin:

Finally after a few fruitless days I finally managed a Common Waxbill photograph too:

Another very elusive bird, as you can tell from this photograph, the Scarlet-breasted Sunbird:

I reckon this is a Willow Warbler, wintering in Kenya:

The last bird of our morning walk turned out to be a female Purple Grenadier, and I was sure before we set-off we wouldn’t see a single one of these birds:

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Anonymous Paul said...

The mystery Sunbird is a Bronze Sunbird. They can look very different depending on how the light hits them.

7:53 am  
Blogger Michael said...

Paul, thank you :)

9:10 pm  

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