Saturday, June 06, 2009

Highlands of Scotland Holiday - day 3 pt 2

Other birds included Oystercatchers, common throughout Scotland:

Meadow Pipits (though much paler than the ones I'm used to further south):

Northern Wheatears:

and Lesser Black-backed Gulls:

Helen spotted this, we don't know if it's now a fledging or just ended up a meal (turns out it's a Guillemot egg):

as well as the main breeding birds, including Northern Fulmar, Guillemot, Razorbill and Puffin. the views from and across the island were stunning, a phrase we seemed to use almost hourly during the whole of our stay north of the border:

We stayed on Handa until about 1:30pm catching a boat back to Tarbet for the three-hour drive back to the Hotel, smiling all the way! All in all we spotted 31 species on the island, seven more than the lady from the Avon Wildlife Trust who'd give us the orientation talk at the start of our trip.

NB - apologies for the alignment of the text here - it only took five hours to get this posted - thank you blogspot for such awesome software!!!

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