Monday, May 11, 2009

A Spring Walk

Last weekend we could only spare Sunday morning to get out and about due to various chores in the garden and about the house, so decided on a walk somewhere different. We settled on a walk around Ampthill, an historic Bedforshire town, following the AA-recommended walk, A Pilgrim's Progress.

Spring was in the air as evidenced by the blossom on some Hawthorn:

And the Bluebells:

We located a lone Spring migrant, a singing male Whitethroat:

Migration appears very quiet this year, the previous two wet summers hampered land breeders and the fast diminishing sand eels hammered the sea birds, and of course the harsh winter really hurt the birds that over-winter in the UK. Fingers crossed for a few decent summers and mild winters to give the birds a chance to recover numbers again.

Butterflies were around in apparently abundant numbers, though I confess ignorance on this matter:

And some late Spring lambs, cute and also sad:

We didn't get to enjoy the bank holiday as I had to set off first thing for another flight to the US for work, but we did enjoy our walk and it didn't rain!

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