Saturday, November 03, 2007

Less birds

We have many fewer visitors to our garden day-by-day now. Mostly due to this chap, the Sparrowhawk:

He's taken to sitting on the bird table watching the Great Tits flit from the Buddlea to the feeders, grabbing a seed and flitting straight back in again. He also likes the bird bath:

But most of all he likes the birds in the garden, he's had at least three Greenfinch, a Starling, a Blackbird, three Collared Doves and two sparrows, from what we've seen him take and the piles of feathers we find from time-to-time (the neighbourhood cats have taken a Robin, two Greenfinches and two Woodpigeons recently too). He likes to visit twice a day now, and if unsuccessful he just sits and watches. One thing that is odd about him. He always perches on just one leg:

We have to let nature take it's course but it does get frustrating when he's sat there for an hour at a time, makes the garden very quiet indeed. We doing our bit though, this weekend we're putting out a bug house and a winter nest/home for hedgehogs. When the tree surgeon comes to do the Lime Trees, which need a lot of deadwood clearing and some re-shaping, we're having boxes put up for Tawny Owls, House Martins and Bats!

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