Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pitsford at the start of Autumn

Pitsford today was absolutely bursting with life, as busy and as noisy as we've ever seen it. Walking around the nature reserve today was actually uplifting, with the all the noise, commotion and activity literally at every turn.

The numbers of Tufted Ducks, Wigeon and Black-headed Gulls exceeded anything I've seen at Pitsford before. There were also plenty of Pochards, Coots and Mute Swans too. We must have passed by at least eight flocks of tits too, with the species intermingled.

At last too there is some mud, now the water level is receding due to the reduced rainfall levels and the good people of Northampton's ongoing water consumption. On the first mud spit we spotted this eclipse plumage (Eurasian) Wigeon:

Whilst watching the Wigeon and checking out the huge numbers of other birds I spotted this wader land on the spit. It stayed hidden for quite a while but eventually waded along the spit. I'm pretty sure it's a Green Sandpiper (thanks Dave!), a first for us:

Not only was Pitsford alive with bird-life but there were plenty of mammals too, loads of grey squirrels, rabbits, etc. This muntjac deer gave us a start though as it crossed the path in front of us less then five metres ahead heading into cover on the reservoir side of the path:

I'm pretty sure we'll be back (weather permitting) next weekend, this time to do the double-loop again, with fingers crossed for some more waders!

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