Saturday, October 29, 2016

further explorations in Southern Scotland

We made new friends in Cornwall just before we moved to Scotland, handily they live in Scotland so we took the opportunity to catch-up in Stirling and go out and do some touristing.

First we visited the Wallace Memorial, before getting thoroughly lost on the descent of the hill:

From there we headed to Doune Castle, where we joined Historic Scotland, we plan many more castle visits in the coming years:

Doune was doubly fascinating both for its history and its association with Monty Python, scenes from The Holy Grail having been filmed at the castle.   The audio guide includes Monty Python commentary and excerpts, including the infamous 'your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries' etc. 

The next weekend we were free we decided to explore Dumfries and Galloway a bit, visiting first the RPSB Mersehead reserve which we really enjoyed.   The Barnacle Geese having arrived in large numbers already:

From Mersehead we set out on a circular route taking in MacLellan's Castle in Kirkcudbright:

And via a few other less notable buildings to Caerlaverock Castle, which is magnificent:

We were just too late to explore it (last entry is 15:30 in winter) however we definitely want to go back to do so!

We also visited the WWT site at Caerlaverock, which was well worth it and a lovely way to complete the day.

The next morning dawned much brighter, Scotland does seem to enjoy a lot of 'golden dawns', when the light is exciting.

As we checked out of our hotel in Dumfries a skein of Geese flew over, going inland from Caerlaverock WWT:

We drove from Dumfries to Loch Doon on what proved to be a beautiful autumn day:

We also visited the Castle which had once stood on a now mostly submerged island in the Loch:

It was moved some time ago but is still worth a visit.

We also had our first house guests in Scotland, and on another glorious morning I took them to New Lanark, which was as spectacular as i hoped it would be:

Autumn in full swing:

My only regret was my ongoing recovery from a sprained ankle meant i couldn't walk, so although the views from the sites were good i missed out on a spectacular light, colour/and river photography session, which our guests properly enjoyed and indeed filled their boots with.

I took this snap before retreating:

The site does look magnificent on a sunny day though:

We're still enjoying exploring our new home though i feel drawn to the sunshine....


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