Monday, February 13, 2012

Hoar Frost

Well it had already snowed a week ago and the snow hadn't gone anywhere but we still weren't expecting the temperatures to drop as low as they did. This is only the second hoar frost i've seen, both here in Northampton.

We headed straight out for a walk with temperatures around -14 to - 15c, luckily there was very little breeze. That said it was still bitterly cold and we'd hurried our way out so only lasted around 30 minutes before heading back. On the brief walk around the back we did however capture some reasonable images of the hoar frost:

That's our house:

Seeing the frost this deep is amazing:

A pale yellow light was cast by the rising sun:

Though a shallow sun so not reaching most of the landscape:

The birds were soon chattering and moving around. Even with down feathers I imagine these kinds of temperatures are really hard work on all our wildlife:

As we headed back in it was snowing frost as the temperature headed towards -6c that wasn't enough for the frost to retain its structure. We timed it well. Another hour and most of it was gone.



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