Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ranthambore National Park - 2nd trip, Birding (North India - Day 3)

On a high from the Tiger encounter we headed out onto trail 3 for some birding. Ruddy Shelduck in their natural environment are great to both hear and see:

Although it is illegal, we saw people feeding wild birds from the cantors. Hence this Rufous Treepie joined us on our gypsy to see if we too were feeding:

A new species for the trip was the River Tern:

It was almost as if they were talking about something. (Reminder: you can click on any picture to go directly to it then click again to zoom in).

Ranthambore Fort, our destination for the afternoon, was lit by the golden morning light:

Out on the water a Marsh Crocodile:

Indian Darter taking the sun:

And a beautiful still morning on which to take it all in:

Flying foxes (fruit bats) hung from a tree:

A Collared Scops Owl added a new bird species:

Crested Serpent Eagle:

Spotted Deer - hard to photograph as their spots seem to blur even in good light and sharp focus:

Our guide photographed Helen in spotting mode:

This is the building in the distance, part of the former hunting complex:

Our last spot before heading back was productive, with Wild Boar:

and Grey Francolin:

Ranthambore had really delivered and our thanks go to Kalypso for their flexibility, our guide for sorting out the gypsy and team at such short notice and the naturalist in particular for locating us perfectly for our Tiger sighting.

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