Sunday, August 17, 2008


Autumn draws closer and with it the promise of the migration from North to South, reports of waders at Hollowell and a break in the rain prompted us to get up and out on Saturday morning.

The first bird that caught my eye was this juvenile Common Tern, perched on a buoy and making a real racket:

As you can tell from the picture, it wasn't raining, but that big yellow thing sometimes seen at this time of year was proving to be very shy.

There were in fact a good number of Common Terns, we counted approximately 20, though there was one dead but uneaten one on the causeway. As we round the corner on our anti-clockwise walk, I snapped this adult flying past:

There were large numbers of Swallows buzzing around, some getting very close, but with little light, fast moving birds and a big lens I didn't manage a snap. Also around on the corner of the causeway and the bank, by the water run-off, this Grey Wagtail, which had quite an orangey chest so I presume was a juvenile:

And it appeared to have been 'adopted' by this adult Pied Wagtail, certainly they stayed close together when they moved about:

Up by the inlet we spotted some waders, the target of our walk. This one is a juvenile Wood Sandpiper:

That's a new bird for us :) We did briefly glimpse some other waders but couldn't get sufficiently close to photograph them. This chap took about 10 minutes to get. As we walked on around the reservoir, the Wood Sandpipers (there were 2) flew along the bank in the direction of the car-park, so we headed beyond them, accessed the edge of the water and then turned back to try and get another photo:

This one shows the prominent supercilium and bill, with the yellow-legs.

The last snap of the day, a Comma on the buddleia in the garden, not really a butterfly chap but this one was worth looking-up, for the shape of the wings alone:

I think I may be excited about the onset of winter for the first time, amazing what this birding lark can do to you :)

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