Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The migrants are coming!!!

Yes, it's that time of year again, Spring migrants have started arriving in Northants as evidenced by these Sand Martins (they're not all the same bird - honest!):

Very hard to capture on a low-light grey and chilly morning as they zip about just above the surface of the water:

Occasionally with the lens pointed at a fixed spot, something zooms into then out of view:

Still, great to see them. There were a couple of Chiffchaffs hesitantly calling amongst the trees too, so keeping our eyes peeled for the Swallows now. I bet they're all wondering exactly why they felt compelled to fly here from Africa at the moment... and with snow forecast for Easter too!

Elsewhere on the reservoir (Ravensthorpe) the number of wildfowl has dwindled significantly, primarily, now, due to the departure of our winter migrants so the water is much quieter. This Great-crested Grebe was close by and I like the way you can see it's feet propelling it along:

In the woodland alongside the reservoir the birds are hustling and bustling, feeding, pairing, nest-building, declaring and defending territories, etc. This Wren was in full song just off the path:

The Tits appear to have split back up into their species groups from the larger winter flocks. I encountered Marsh Tits:

Coal Tits:

and everywhere it seemed, Long-tailed Tits:

Now if only we could have a few warm sunny days in the next week or so.....

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