Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gran Canaria 3

This post completes the Gran Canaria series. First up a Willow Warbler snapped on a short walk around the perimeter of the hotel complex:

We went looking, a couple of times, to the 'nature reserve' (one side is fenced off unfortunately toursists were padding around the other side - so not exactly pristine or protected) looking for the fabled Kentish Plover, however we only found one Plover, this Little Ringed Plover and he proved very hard to get close to:

This bird is a mystery to me, the nearest I can find in either my European or (admittedly Southern) African fieldguides is the Sardinian Warbler but it just doesn't look like he has a crest, so I am baffled. Any ideas greatly appreciated:

Easy this one, a Laughing Dove, although judging by its wintering territory, quite a way from home:

Finally a pair of Lesser Black-backed Gulls in the quite bit of the nature reserve.

In summary a surprising number of birds considering the reputation. Seeing and hearing the Hoope was just magic, a really majestic and elegant bird and a thirlling experience. We did get one blurry snap of what we think was a Blue Chaffinch, so I think we'll have to go back and get back up into the mountains to find one and get a better more definitive snap ...


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